Location Science 1 (LOC1), room Trianon

Room: Trianon

Session Chair: Ivan Contreras

Paper ID
Paper Title
Session Info Code
Session Title
105A lagrangean relaxation for uncapacitated hub location problems with profitsIvan Contreras, Armaghan Alibeyg and Elena FernándezCLAIO XVIILOC1Location science 1
221Cotas primales y duales para el problema de la p-mediana con restricciones de cardinalidad y balanceoJuan A Díaz and Dolores Edwiges LunaCLAIO XVIILOC1Location science 1
300An enhanced bounding scheme for a maximum dispersion territory design problemRoger Z. Rios-Mercado and Jonathan F. BardCLAIO XVIILOC1Location science 1
337Combinatorial column generation approach to the capacitated centred clustering problemPablo Batista, Marcos Jose Negreiros and Augusto PalhanoCLAIO XVIILOC1Location science 1