Instruction to Authors

Abstract Instructions  (This process is CLOSED)

Abstracts are typed within the box provided in the EasyChair system.  Please limit your abstract to 1000 characters (including spaces).  Both title and abstract must use the same language (English, Spanish, or Portuguese).


Paper Instructions  (This process is CLOSED)

Papers should be uploaded as a PDF document through the EasyChair system according to the following formatting requirements:

  • Paper size: Letter (8.5 in by 11 in)
  • Minimum, maximum length: 6 to 8 pages (including everything: figures, tables, references, etc.).  This page range is mandatory; otherwise the paper will be withdrawn from the proceedings.
  • Margins: 1.0 in for right, left, and bottom and 1.5 for top.
  • Line spacing: Single
  • Font type throughout the manuscript: Times new roman
  • Main manuscript font size: 11 pts, single column
  • Title font size: 16 pts, bold, centered
  • Section header font size: 12 pts (Bold)
  • Abstract and Keywords: 11 pt.
  • Author names:  12 pts.  Type author name in one line, affiliation in the second line, and e-mail in the third line line, all center-justified.  Do the same for each author.
  • Tables and figures: Each sequentially numbered.  Table captions on top and figure captions below, at 10 pts.
  • Header and footer areas must be empty and no page numbering.
  • References: In 10 pts, numbered, and sorted alphabetically by first author.  For LaTeX users, the “plain” style is preferred. Example:
  1. X. Hernández.  The Art of Passing the Ball.  Wiley, New York, 2012.
  2. L. A. Messi and A. Iniesta.  Magic in the field.  European Journal of Sports, 3(4):45-57, 2013.
  3. G. Piqué and C. Puyol. Either the man or the ball.  In P. Maldini and F. Baressi (editors),  Proceedings of the Conference on Stopping Techniques, pp. 56-78.  Springer, Berlin, 2011.

You are encouraged to use the following conference templates: [ WORD ] [ LaTeX ]