Program Goals

The overall objective of the Graduate Program in Systems Engineering is to provide students with the educational foundation for continuous learning and to teach the fundamental skills needed to effectively perform their profession.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Training human resources capable of effectively solve decision-making problems that arise in academia, industry and government, optimizing the resources available to these sectors.
  2. Training researchers of high quality doctoral level capable of performing original research and extend the current state of knowledge in the area of specialty.
  3. Carrying out research in the various sub-disciplines of defined lines, remaining at the forefront of these lines of research, with the participation of students in the program.
  4. Establishing collaboration ties with the regional and national industry, whose existing problematic issues involve decision-making problems, and may thus be significantly benefited by quantitative and analytical available tools developed in the program.
  5. Collaborating with faculty in world- and nation-wide research collaboration agreements with other universities or research centers with similar interests or problems, for the mutual benefit of both faculty/student exchange and high quality research.

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