Entry requirements to the Ph.D.

PhD student profile

The Doctorate in Engineering with Specialization in Systems Engineering is designed to provide professionals in the various fields of engineering (industrial, chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.) and science (mathematics, computer science, statistics, economics, etc.) a general methodology for addressing and solving decision making problems in a complex interdisciplinary environment.

To achieve a more efficient training, a prospective students must have a solid foundation in mathematics and computer science. It is desirable that the applicant is familiar with any programming language and be able to read and understand technical material written in English.

In addition to the above, the applicant must have ability to conduct original and high-quality research.

Admission requirements

  • Hold a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering or a related decision making area (e.g., Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Mathematics, Economics, etc.) according to the Admission Committee.
  • Take and pass the general admission tests (general knowledge and English proficiency test) for admission to graduate studies at UANL. In the case of a foreign student whose native language is not Spanish, you must pass the exam of Spanish language applied by UANL.
  • Undergo and approve the program selection process consisting of:
    • Filling out and submission of the application form.
    • Submission of a resume, highlighting the most important academic and professional achievements.
    • Presenting a letter of intent (2-page limit) where the applicant describes why he/she wants to pursue a doctoral degree.
    • Presenting a doctoral dissertation proposal approved and signed by a PISIS Faculty member.
    • Submission of two letters of recommendation signed by professors or researchers who know the candidate, indicating academic performance and potential to undertake doctoral studies and high-quality research.
    • Holding interviews with the Doctoral Admission Committee. The interviews will be conducted by appointment in the periods established by the Division of Graduate Studies.
    • Having working knowledge of a high-level programming language (C, C++, Java, etc.)
    • Taking and approving the doctoral program admission exam established by the Division of Graduate Studies of the Faculty.
  • Meet the admission requirements set forth by the School Department and by the Division of Graduate Studies at UANL.

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