PhD curriculum

There is no minimum number of credits, the plan is tailored made to the specific interest of the student. However, the student must be enrolled in at least one course each semester to be an active UANL student. The student can then choose the following courses that will be suggested and approved by the thesis committee and his thesis supervisor.

  • Basic courses (level A): These courses represent the basis for developing more advanced work in the program.
  • Specialization courses (Level B): These are courses aimed at deepening the modern techniques for solving problems and analyzing systems that are essential for the training of qualified specialists in these areas.
  • Seminars: In these courses the student takes a more active involvement in the organization of research seminars by inviting recognized researchers/speakers from other institutions and presenting the progress of their research project. These courses are considered level B.
  • Thesis: The doctoral dissertation must be an original work of theoretical or applied research intended to address/study/solve a relevant problems in the area of systems engineering. These thesis courses are considered level B.

The content of each course offered in the program can be seen in the following link.

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