WAIO 2017 – First International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Optimization

August 15-17, 2017. Nuevo León, México.

The goal of the first International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Optimization WAIO 2017 is to bring together Artificial Intelligence and Optimization researchers to create a forum that facilitates the exchange of ideas between both research communities in order to unify and enrich solution approaches to address the complex problems of today.

The event will gather academics, industry professionals, and students from both communities in a three-day event. The program will be hosted by the Graduate Program in Systems Engineering at the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (FIME) from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL). WAIO 2017 is sponsored by CONACyT CB-2013/220811 research grant, Redes Temáticas PROPEP grant, the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (FIME), and the Applied Intelligent Systems research group.

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Workshop Schedule at-a-glance*:

WAIO 2017 - August 15 Schedule

10:00 amWorkshop registration and openingDr. Romeo SánchezRaúl Quintero
10:30 amEnabling Space Mission Operations with Artificial Intelligence (video conference)Dr. Jeremy Frank (NASA Ames)Raúl Quintero
11:30 amCoffee breakRaúl Quintero
12:30 pmChallenges in Machine Learning: Competitions & PerspectivesDr. Hugo Jair Escalante BalderasRaúl Quintero
1:30 pmLunch

WAIO 2017 - August 16 Schedule

9:30 amWorkshop registrationDr. Arturo BerronesJorge Urencio
10:00 amThe Rise of AI and the Challenges of Human-Aware AI Systems (video conference)Prof. Subbarao Kambhampati (Arizona State U.)Jorge Urencio
11:00 amMemetic Algorithm for the Multitrip Traveling Salesman ProblemEduardo ValdésJorge Urencio
11:30 amCoffee breakJorge Urencio
12:00 pmAdaptations of Multidimensional Search Engines for Bioinformatic Problems in Medicine: Optimization of Biomarkers for Cancer and other DiseaseDr. Víctor Manuel Treviño AlvaradoJorge Urencio
1:30 pmLunch

WAIO 2017 - August 17 Schedule

9:30 amA Bi-objective Routing Problem: Two VariantsNancy Aracely Arellano ArriagaJorge Urencio
10:00 amOptimization of Light Layout in FactoriesPedro Inés Loera MartínezJorge Urencio
10:30 amA Bi-objective Traveling Purchaser Problem with Deliveries.Pamela Jocelyn Palomo MartínezJorge Urencio
11:00 amCoffee breakJorge Urencio
11:30 amA Bi-objective Customer-Centric Vehicle Routing Problem with an Environmental Focus.Diego HernándezJorge Urencio
12:00 pmA Matheuristic Based on Lagrangian Relaxation for the Multi-Activity Shift Scheduling ProblemNorberto Alejandro Hernández LeandroJorge Urencio
12:30 pmAwards and closingOrganization CommitteeJorge Urencio
1:00 pmLunch
5:00 pmResearch Group MeetingDr. Romeo SánchezCIDET

Organizing Committee: Romeo Sánchez (chair), Arturo Berrones, Sara Rodríguez, Iris Martínez, and César Villarreal.

* Schedule subject to change

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